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INVICTUS as the core values of Credit Union Keling Kumang (CUKK) stands for Integrity, Networking, Value creation, Innovation, Credibility, Togetherness, Unity, and Speed. These were born from a long study process and developed from the noble values of the Long House Community. INVICTUS acts as the foundation of the institution, meanwhile Good Credit Union Governance serves as the body. The governance at CUKK is impossible to be good if the people prioritize money, positions, and power. Therefore, the good governance must stick on these core values. INVICTUS becomes the sustainability standard of CUKK and it is the only legacy that must be passed on to the future generations of CUKK from the initiators and the founders.

Integrity: We have people who are honest, open and consistent. We will not deceive others. We are open to any changes, provide correct information, and do what is said and say what is done.

Network: It is impossible to live alone. We are connected to others, the goodness of nature, and God's mercy in order to develop. As a result, everyone must have a good interpersonal relationship with others as well as build constructive networks, be able to read the signs of nature, and the works that we do are our expressions of gratitude to God.

Value creation: We believe that the quality of human resources, excellent services and brilliant ideas are our main assets in creating values ad infinitum. When they are well accommodated, thus CUKK undoubtedly becomes prominent in all aspects of life.

Innovation: We always improve our thoughts, actions and results in accordance with the changing conditions. Not easily to be complacent. We oppose all status quo actions and dislike being in the comfort zones that can make us complacent.

Credibility: We always maintain trust in order to remain a trusted person, responsible for all actions and deeds, and work sincerely. Placing personal interests within the interests of CUKK.

Togetherness: We treat each other equal and non-discrimination. Many hands make light work. All parties involved in raising CUKK are emotional, physical, and respectful inspirators. We are obliged to ease the burden of others affected by the disaster.

Unity: We must be solid in working to achieve the common goals. Take action at the right place and time. The harmony among action, place, and time is a unity.

Speed: We believe that to keep being the first choice and one step ahead, CUKK must put the element of speed in the work. In order to maintain the speed rhythm, thus discipline, accuracy, and teamwork (superteam) are needed.