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Institute Dayakologi (was originally known as Institute of Dayakology Research and Development) held a seminar and expo on Dayak culture in Pontianak on November 26-28, 1992. The seminar was held at Kapuas Palace Hotel, meanwhile the Dayak Cultural Expo was held at Tanjungpura University Auditorium, Pontianak. The participants were Dayak tribe representatives from 4 provinces (West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, and South Kalimantan) in Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), Indonesia and from 2 states (Sabah and Sarawak) in Malaysian Borneo, Malaysia.

Munaldus, as a seminar participant at Kapuas Palace Hotel, said, "I remember the Kapuas Palace Hotel Hall was crowded with the participants. I was very impressed with the presentation from A. J. Nihin, the Regent of North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan, a Dayaknese. He recounted his concern over the poverty of the Dayak people there. As a regent, he has worked hard to improve their living standards."

After listening his presentation, Munaldus then realized the Dayak people's life in West Kalimantan was fundamentally not much different particularly the families in his birthplace, Tapang Sambas village and Tapang Kemayau village, Sekadau Hilir sub-district, Sanggau Regency (now Sekadau Regency).

When attending the seminar, the idea to establish a credit union emerged. Munaldus thought this credit union would operate as: first, a funder to improve the economy development of the people in the village; second, a tool for organizing the people to defend the land from the land seizuring activity by the palm oil plantation companies, and; third, as a learning tool.

A week after the seminar, Munaldus invited his friends from Tapang Sambas village and Tapang Kemayau village who lived in Pontianak to have a meeting in Masiun's residence, a rented house, at Gang Selat Lombok II, Siantan, Pontianak, in order to establish a credit union in Tapang Sambas village and Tapang Kemayau village. The people who attended the meeting were:

1. Masiun (a teacher at St. Francis Asisi Junior High School, Pontianak),

2. Mikael (an employee at PT. Tanah Sakti),

3. Hadrianus Lukas (an employee at PT. Tanah Sakti),

4. Alipius (an employee at PT. Vitamo),

5. Martina (alm.) (a student at St. Francis Asisi Senior High School, Pontianak)

6. Mulyana (a student at St. Francis Asisi Junior High School, Pontianak).

In the meeting, they discussed the idea of establishing a credit union in Tapang Sambas village and Tapang Kemayau village based on the experience of the establishment of Credit Union Pancur Kasih (CU PK), Pontianak. They agreed with the idea. Then, Munaldus proposed a name for this credit union, i.e Credit Union Keling Kumang (CU KK). The reason was the Buahmain tale at Punyong House with the legend of Keling and his wife, Kumang, was very popular. They all agreed.

The next agenda was to set down the idea of the establishment and communicate it to community leaders in Tapang Sambas and Tapang Kemayau, such as Munaldus's parents (Mr. Rurut and Mrs. Theresia Ina), the village head (Samin), the hamlet heads (Mr. Agus and Mr. Nintin), and the teachers (Paulus Perang, Simon Petrus, F. X. Omeng, A. H. Suyanto, Carolus Sanga Laga (alm) etc.) as well as other community leaders. In principle, all of them agreed to the establishment of Credit Union Keling Kumang in the village, even though some of them doubted the success of this credit union. Basically, all of them were lack of insight about credit union. The socialization and organizing period lasted for 4 months.

After getting affirmative responses, it was agreed to establish Credit Union Keling Kumang on Thursday March 25, 1993. The meeting was held at Mr. Simon Petrus and Ms. Sema's house and there were about 30 participants attended it. There are 26 founding members and they have Member Book Number (Buku Anggota / BA) from 01 to 26.

Munaldus and Masiun used their own money to buy stationery, a stamp, a small calculator cost IDR 11.000, (it still exists today), accounting books, daily cash books, and cash book journals so that Credit Union Keling Kumang could immediately serve the members. On the eve of the establishment of Credit Union Keling Kumang, the participants appointed Mr. Sila (alias Persius) as the acting officer. It was also decided that all services activities were carried out at Sila's house.