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Welcome to Credit Union Keling Kumang's website. Nowadays, the world seems to ‘diminish’ into a smaller place because all things can be accessed from almost every point of the earth’s surface in a flash. This website easily accessed by the credit union activists, as well as the members and the prospective members of Credit Union Keling Kumang is expected to be able to improve the understanding of credit union, not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Furthermore, an effective communication is one of the key success factors in Credit Union Keling Kumang to keep growing.

Realizing this phenomena and needs, Credit Union Keling Kumang continually strives to improve this website. The launch of this upgraded and updated website is intended to facilitate the visitors in getting more information about credit union. We present a variety of the latest features and information which are continually updated so that people will obtain a more complete and comprehensive understanding. This is simply and solely our effort to provide prime services to the the credit union activists, as well as the members and the prospective members of credit union, especially Credit Union Keling Kumang who are interested in keeping abreast of credit union from the hinterland of West Kalimantan.

We greatly hope this website is able to help people who are struggling to alleviate poverty by providing them reliable and trusted information. From the bottom of our heart, Credit Union Keling Kumang is passionate to share the information about credit union.

Chief Executive Officer

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